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Your Home Coffee Roasting Guide – Because You Should Enjoy the Full Flavour of Freshly Roasted Coffee

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You Want to Roast Coffee at Home – Let’s Get it Started

Home Coffee Roasting Methods:

The most popular home coffee roasting methods and techniques can be divided to:

  • Stove-top and Oven Roasting
  • Hot-air (fluid bed) roasters
  • Drum Roasters

Some conditions and variables to be considered before starting the Coffee roasting adventure: Read more…


7 Reasons Why You Should Give Home Roasting a Try

To roast coffee at home is simple (as popping popcorn, roasting nuts or even boiling eggs), quickly (takes 10 to 15 minutes), entertaining (lots of fun experimenting) and saves you money. Here are the top seven reasons to bring your coffee to the next level:

1. Your coffee is fresh

When we shop for groceries, we always look for freshness – fruits or vegetables that just have been picked, a food that just have been prepared and especially when we buy baked goods, we want them fresh! Why? Simply, because they taste! It is the same with the coffee – it tastes best when it’s freshly roasted!

2. You buy green specialty coffee beans for less

In Canada a pound of specialty green coffee¬†average $12, while a pound of roasted specialty coffee is about $20. Read more…

Coffee travelling – Africa (part 2)

Kenyan coffee beansLet’s continue travel south and meet the coffee, produced in one of Ethiopian’s neighboring¬† countries – Kenya.

Kenyan green coffee

Kenya grows relatively small quantity of coffee, but the quality of its specialty coffee beans is very high and they are used for blending with coffee beans from other countries.

Read more…

Do you love travelling?

Ethiopian coffee

I love to travel too and it is so easy to travel all around the world trying and tasting different origins of coffee. There are more that 70 countries and regions producing unique remarkable coffee.

I will try to introduce to you some of the most popular and worth trying origins of coffee. Most commonly the coffee-growing regions are grouped as follows:

  • Africa
  • Central America and Caribbean
  • South America
  • South Pacific and South-east Asia
    Read more…

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