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Roasting Coffee with an Electric Home Coffee Roaster

For those who have already tried home stove-top coffee roasting and would like to get to a new step or maybe don’t want improvised methods of roasting, and are looking for specially designed electrical roasting machine, today I will present you the most popular Home Roasters available on the Canadian market. They are divided in two groups:

  • Hot-air (fluid bed) roasters
  • Drum Roaster

The hot-air roasters

They roast mainly by convection – the hot air currents heat and at the same time agitate the coffee beans. The principle is the same as in the one used in the corn popping machine.

Currently on the market, you can find the following hot-air coffee roasters:

  • i-Roast 2 (the price is around $200, but might be hard to find it on the market as it has been discontinued)
  • Fresh Roast 300 and Fresh Roast 500 (the price is around $109/ $159)
  • Caffe Rosto (around $200)

i-Roast 2

i-Roast 2

The i-Roast 2 allows you to save up to 10 programmed roasting settings and comes with a top attachment that permits connection to a clothes dryer vent outlet (to keep smoke outside, which is a valuable option to have). In general, the i-Roast is considered a good choice for the keen roaster — it is a roaster model that requires programming and programmable features might daunt less experienced roasters. Experienced users would likely prefer a more complex roaster like this one.

With i-Roast 2 you can roasts up to 1 cup (150 grams / 5.3 oz) of coffee beans, enough to produce up to 24 cups of coffee.

At any roasting stage, you can set the roasting time from 0 to 15 minutes. To retrieve your programmed setting, push the “cool” button, then simply press the up or down arrows to choose your desired setting.

Please read the following article written by Chris Arnold for roast profile suggestions and tips on how to use this model.

Also it you already own i-Roast 2 coffee roaster, please make sure to read How to avoid damaging your i-ROAST 2 roasting pot.

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, questions or issues with i-Roast 2.


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