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The Best Seller: Fresh Roast SR 500

The Fresh Roast SR 500 is simply the best coffee roaster on the market within its price range.

It is the latest model and improved version of the Fresh Roast Plus 8, and is more powerful than the other model Fresh Roast SR 300, having one very important feature – Fan Speed control, gives you full control over the roasting process.

Offering the same roast capacity (4 scoops, 120 g) as the Fresh Roast SR 300 (twice that of the old Plus 8), the SR 500 features three temperature settings for easy adjustment at any time during the roasting process: 490 degrees (high), 455 degrees (medium) and 390 degrees (low).

Fresh Roast SR500 coffee roaster

Fresh Roast SR500

Fan Speed Control allows for fine tuning of the roast and adjustments of + or – 10%. Beans are heaviest at the start of any roast – with fan speed control, they can be kept fluid to ensure an even result. As beans become lighter, lowering the fan speed provide proper roasting temperature for darker roasts without extending the roasting time too much. By keeping the fan speed as low as possible you can compensate a lower ambient temperature or a low power voltage which affect the fluid bed roasters very much.

As an added bonus: the unit’s transparent roasting chamber affords a front-row view of coffee as it roasts. Learn a lot from just looking! Versatile, simple to use with results you can rely on, the Fresh Roast SR 500 is a great deal more for a great deal less.

The small footprint allows for easy storage.

Have in mind that this roaster is very sensitive to:

  •  low ambient temperature,
  •  low power voltage and
  •  reduced air flow through the chaff collector.

More things you have to consider:

  1. If the coffee you are roasting, releases a lot of chaff it will block the air flow.
  2. Each coffee has a different level of moisture and requires different time to reach a dark roast.
  3. You have to roast indoor with ambient temperature not less than 22 -24°C. The roaster and the coffee should be kept at the same temperature before the roast.
  4. After each roast you should clean the chaff collector and wash the lid screen.
  5. The fan speed should be as low as possible, just to barely move the beans and it should be reduced few times during the roast.
  6. It is not good to re-roast the beans if not fully roasted, the roast should be completed at once.
  7. Use the high temperature setting.
  8. Instead of adding seconds by pressing the UP button you can turn it OFF and again ON immediately, and you will get another 5-9 min.
  9. Handle the chaff collector and the lid cautiously as they are very fragile and tend to break easily when dropped.

Watch the roast and press COOL when the desired color is reached.

Let me stress this again:  The ambient temperature is very important and you should roast indoor at 22 -24°C!

Looking forward to hear about your experience with Fresh Roast!


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