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Your Home Coffee Roasting Guide – Because You Should Enjoy the Full Flavour of Freshly Roasted Coffee


Fair trade
Coffee promoted as being more equitable and less exploitative. Fair trade principles stress minimum prices; credit availability; and stable, long-term business relationships directly with farmer cooperatives, avoiding intermediaries or middlemen The fair trade movement is more visible in Europe than it is in the United States or Canada.

Fair Trade Certified
Coffee certified by Transfair that bears the Fair Trade logo and is referred to as Fair Trade Certified. Under this system, the coffee producers must undergo a screening process, adhere to the organization’s rules and regulations, and submit to annual audits.

FC (Fine Cup)
A term of the coffee trade that represents a top grade of coffee.

Finish describes the aftertaste that lingers on the palate after the coffee is swallowed. Heavier-bodied coffees have a longer finish than lighter-bodied coffees.

An odor in the coffee bean or brew caused by aromatic compounds that leaves the beans in the staling process after roasting or the holding process after brewing.

Flavor in coffee is determined by its acidity and body as well as aroma.

A Vermont-based company that promotes sustainable development.

French Press
A coffee-making device that steeps ground coffee in boiled water. A filter presses the grounds to the bottom of the pot to remove the grounds from the coffee.

French roast
A dark roast that brings the coffee’s natural oil to the bean’s surface.

The coffee plant’s fruit is a soft, sweet pulpy drupe of one and a half centimeters in diameter that resembles a bright red cherry. Each fruit contains two semi-oval, furrowed seeds or beans, covered with a silver-colored membrane and enclosed in a second, tougher skin called parchment. Arabica beans are oblong with a crooked furrow, and flatter than Robusta beans, which are convex, rounder, and with a straight center furrow. Coffee fruits are picked after about seven months, when they reach the ideal stage of ripeness.

Coffee can have a sweet sensation reminiscent of citrus fruit or a dry sensation reminiscent of berry fruit. Fruitiness is caused by a highly volatile set of aldehydes and esters found in coffee’s aroma.

Full city roast
A darker roast than the North American norm. A “Full City” roasted bean will often show oil on its surface.

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