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Your Home Coffee Roasting Guide – Because You Should Enjoy the Full Flavour of Freshly Roasted Coffee

The Best Seller: Fresh Roast SR 500

The Fresh Roast SR 500 is simply the best coffee roaster on the market within its price range.

It is the latest model and improved version of the Fresh Roast Plus 8, and is more powerful than the other model Fresh Roast SR 300, having one very important feature – Fan Speed control, gives you full control over the roasting process.

Offering the same roast capacity (4 scoops, 120 g) as the Fresh Roast SR 300 (twice that of the old Plus 8), the SR 500 features three temperature settings for easy adjustment at any time during the roasting process: 490 degrees (high), 455 degrees (medium) and 390 degrees (low).

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How to avoid damaging your i-ROAST 2 roasting pot

1. Place the chaff collector on the roasting pot as shown in images 1 and 2.


I roast 2 chaff collector

2. Hold the base of the roasting pot and turn the chaff collector clockwise to lock it in place, as per the example below.

3. DO NOT hold the handle of your roasting pot when locking the chaff collector in place WITHOUT also supporting the base. The example below is the wrong one to follow. Damage can result.

4. When attaching the roasting pot to the power base, ensure the pot is pressed down before locking it in place.

Roasting Coffee with an Electric Home Coffee Roaster

For those who have already tried home stove-top coffee roasting and would like to get to a new step or maybe don’t want improvised methods of roasting, and are looking for specially designed electrical roasting machine, today I will present you the most popular Home Roasters available on the Canadian market. They are divided in two groups:

  • Hot-air (fluid bed) roasters
  • Drum Roaster

The hot-air roasters

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You Want to Roast Coffee at Home – Let’s Get it Started

Home Coffee Roasting Methods:

The most popular home coffee roasting methods and techniques can be divided to:

  • Stove-top and Oven Roasting
  • Hot-air (fluid bed) roasters
  • Drum Roasters

Some conditions and variables to be considered before starting the Coffee roasting adventure: Read more…

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