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7 Reasons Why You Should Give Home Roasting a Try

To roast coffee at home is simple (as popping popcorn, roasting nuts or even boiling eggs), quickly (takes 10 to 15 minutes), entertaining (lots of fun experimenting) and saves you money. Here are the top seven reasons to bring your coffee to the next level:

1. Your coffee is fresh

When we shop for groceries, we always look for freshness – fruits or vegetables that just have been picked, a food that just have been prepared and especially when we buy baked goods, we want them fresh! Why? Simply, because they taste! It is the same with the coffee – it tastes best when it’s freshly roasted!

2. You buy green specialty coffee beans for less

In Canada a pound of specialty green coffee¬†average $12, while a pound of roasted specialty coffee is about $20. Read more…


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